For seamless lines of light that blends directly into the wall or substrate, the invisible channel is a premium solution to applications where modern and clean looks are a must. Simply install during the new construction drywalling phase by perfectly blending the channel into its surroundings. Once completed, all you are left with is a stunning line of light seamlessly incorporated into the wall or substrate.

  • Recessed channel mount extrusion best suited for drywall and ceiling applications
  • Create seamless lines of light that blends into existing wall or substrate
  • Double anodized aluminum provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Frosted lens protects lights source while evenly diffusing light
  • Field cuttable 2M (78.75") channel, housing, and lens
  • Compatible with most 10-12mm wide tape light

2M - Invisible Channel


2M - Frosted Polycarbonate Lens


Invisible Channel End Cap

Specification Sheet